Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance

Emergency evacuation by helicopter service. The work of emergency airlift began and remains a humanitarian and constantly recognized both by official and by unofficial bodies. The executives of associated companies flying with the safest volatile agents have participated in the search for missing persons but also in transport and rescue patients or persons who have suffered an accident in various regions of Greece, inaccessible or not. If you experience a similar problem please contact us immediately we will be near you. In such cases every minute is important for the person who needs help.


  • Emergency Air transport
  • Air Ambulance
  • Medical Escort Patient
  • Transfer of the pile

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The partner company has volatile instruments as and when available. There is no obligation to be on alert in and crews because of the bid.

However once the flight regards evacuation, the affiliated company takes moral responsibility and only priority of the flight.

It is noted that while the plane flies throughout the course of 24 hours, while helicopters from dawn until sundown.

Conditions governing the carriers

  1. Ability to take off in 2:00 hours of payment as attested before the flight.
  2. In accordance with the legislation transfer only stabilized incidents, ie incidents whose health is not likely to deteriorate the evacuation.
  3. Assessment of the status of the incident does or the attending physician of the patient or attendant physician, wherever necessary, alternative assessment may be made by the respective service 24/7 Physician located in the Group’s Coordinating Center Business Assistance for the partner company.
  4. Each patient transfer requires the signing of liability by the attending physician of the patient or the attendant physician.
  5. The partner company reserves the right patient received a refusal, in case of false information, not taking responsibility, absence Doctor escort, when required, infectious or otherwise incident which endangers the vessel, crew and more generally that the Governor considers that affect flight safety. In this case the price of the flight is not refundable and partner company assumes no liability for any damage or loss whatsoever arising to persons or things due to the decision.
  6. The partner company bears no responsibility for failure or sudden flight ban even during air transportation or after allowing for the availability or the flight has started.

Payment methods

  • Deposit Accounts within the partner company
  • Pay by credit card

Additional available portability patient by ambulance to and from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos in Athens conurbation with the amount of 140 €

The above prices do not include Physician escorts and equipment, whose value differs per flight and can range from between 400 and 700 €. Physicians are not staff of the cooperating company.