Air Transportation

Transportation services υπηρεσίες αερομεταφορών

We offer high level air transportation services, ensuring safety, speed and comfort.

Nowadays helicopter is the fastest growing means of transportation in the world. The ability to transport passengers in the most inaccessible areas in no time compared with the time taken by other modes of transport, making it the most attractive solution for every type of transport needs.
We have helicopters of various types for all kinds of flight with highly experienced, competent and well-trained crew, ready to serve our customers’ desires.

Helicopter Private Services work with the largest companies of helicopter charter space to meet every need of air transportation in the minimum time, always with the safety of the flight.
By our helicopters and private aircraft fleet you will get the most direct services with the most satisfying coast.
Reliable helicopter partners are: Athens – Santorini – Paros – Rodos – Crete and other parts of the country.
For these reasons we ask for the path you want and we will find the best solution for your flight!