1. Charter fee is obligatory to be paid prior to flight. Payment can be by banking deposition of the balance and/or Credit Card payment. In case of remote credit card payment , a credit card authorization has to be undersigned by the card bearer. Charter fee includes any individual charges, such as operating and maintenance expenses, crew payroll, Third party liability insurance as per EU 785/2004 regulation, landing , handling and towing fees, or any other service regarding the aircraft. No other extra charges are included at the charter fee. Last but not least VAT burdens the client.

2. In case that the client proceed to the cancellation of the flight within 3 days prior to the scheduled time the charterer will charge the client with the amount of 80% of the total charter fee. In case that the cancellation will be announced to the charterer in a period of more than 3 days prior to flight, the charterer is obliged to return the hole amount of the charter. In case that the cancelation will be announced in a period of one or less than one day before the scheduled time of the flight, the charterer has the right to keep the total of the charter fee.

3. In case that the scheduled flight will delay at the starting point or any other point included at the mission, due to clients liability or omission, the charterer at is choice can aboard the flight or reevaluate the charter fee.

4. Charter ends with the debarkation of the passengers at their destination agreed. There is no other obligation from the charterer, unless agreed otherwise

5. The Charterer reserves the right of aircraft upgrading, without any extra fee to the Client. However in case of aircraft downgrading due to force majeure, the Charterer is obliged to return the deference of the Charter fee upplied.

6. Any case of mechanical or technical failure that could arise prior or at the duration of the flight at the aircraft, having as direct impact the airworthiness failure of the aircraft and as a result the delay, within logical period of time, or the cancellation of the flight or part of the flight, the charterer is obliged to take any effort, in order to fulfill his obligation to the client, to put at his disposal another aircraft preferably with the same type. In this case the client is liable of the total of the agreed charter fee. In any other case the client reserves the right to cancel the flight or the rest of the flight and claim the amount of the deposition prior the flight or part of it subject to the rest of the flight .

7. The charterer reserves the right to alternate the flight plan, reduce the number of the passengers and/or cargo, according the Maximum Take Of Weight (MTOW) in case that the above mentioned compromise the safety of the flight.

8. The client cannot assign his rights resulting from this agreement to any third party, without the written consent of the charterer.

9. The client has the right to use all the aircraft space, during the agreed flight, according to the number of the passengers and/or the amount of cargo declared to the charterer. The aircraft space that is not used from the client, according his declaration can be used by the charterer in order to transport his employs or cargo. The charterer also has the right to charter the remaining space to another client.

10. The charterer is responsible to keep all the legal documentation updated , submitting on time all the documentation applied to the flight . The client is obligated to submit to the charterer any data regarding the passengers and/or the cargo.

11. No alternation of the flight plan or the mission agreed is allowed without the consent of the charterer. In case that the charterer consents with the alternation, the client is obligated to deposit any difference could arise due to the alternation.

12. No liability or claim can arise in favor of the client, in case of flight cancelation due to force majeure.

13. The client agrees beyond any doubt that the commander of the aircraft has the full authority in all decisions do be made, according the safety of the aircraft, the safety of the passengers, crew and cargo. It is therefore at the commander’s discretion and/or decision the loading, uploading of passengers and cargo. The commander has the overhaul authority for the decisions regarding the weather evaluation, landing locations and flight route according the international legislation and procedures.

14. The client agrees beyond any doubt that the commander of the aircraft has the full authority to deny the embarkation of a passenger , or even the aboard of the flight permanently in case of luck of Identifying evidence presentation and/or refusal to any security inspection legally applied at him/herself and/or baggage.

15. The client agrees beyond any doubt that the commander of the aircraft has the full authority to deny the loading of baggage , or even the aboard of the flight permanently, in case of baggage volume or weight could compromise the safety of the flight.

16. The client has been informed that the charterer operates under Air Operation Certificate implemented by Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority. The passenger and/or cargo transportation are subject to national and international rules and legislation of HCAA as well as EASA.

17. Charterers liability in case of passenger’s death, bodily injury or delay, as well as total or partial loss of baggage or baggage delay is limited from the Hellenic and/or international legislation.

18. Charterer is obliged to fully implement the conditions and relevant legislation of the competent authorities adjusting the air transportation The charterer is obliged to fulfill the National and international safety regulation.

19. Any other obligations of the concerned parties agreed and undersigned by the above agreement, can be searched at the Hellenic Legislation in session, Aviation Legislation Codex, as well as relevant regulations concerning the specific charter.

20. In case of unreasonable violation of this agreement by either of the two parties, provides the right to the other party of cancelation of the agreement, without excluding the right of compensation