High Quality Aviation Services

for your fly needs in helicopter and private aircrafts


Helicopter Private Services

In Helicopter Private Services LTD following stable steps we created a united network for your fly needs in helicopter and private aircrafts.

Creating conditions with continuous effort to improve Helicopter Private Services at the highest level.
We offer high quality aviation services, ensuring safety, speed and comfort.


Helicopter Photography

Our company is one of the few companies in Greece active in the field of aerial photography (only by helicopter) and has a record of rare photographs from throughout the country.

Our company undertakes aerial photography of hotel, industrial and any other kind of buildings, construction, development and other projects, which usually must be viewed from above. 

Air Ambulance

Emergency evacuation by helicopter

air ambulance helicopter flights
helicopter private services

Fast take-off

Air ambulances take priority, reducing the length of the patient's journey

helicopter private services

Available 24/7

Flies throughout the course of 24 hours, while helicopters from dawn until sundown.

helicopter private services

Tranfer to/from airport

Transferrals to and from the airport with appropriate ambulances