Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography
Knossos Palace (Chania, Crete)

Our company is one of the few companies in Greece active in the field of aerial photography (only by helicopter) and has a record of rare photographs from throughout the country.
Our company undertakes aerial photography of hotel, industrial and any other kind of buildings, construction, development and other projects, which usually must be viewed from above. Another important area in which we specialize, we  the municipalities photography, including the creation of file material of the main attractions of the area and term projects (roads, bridges, stadiums, schools, etc.) in all local authorities .
Thus, through our photos, Greece daily travels around the world via the Internet and brochures of all companies cooperating with us.
If you want to know better this Service and through us to …. Greece moves and travels, you can browse in our website and refer to relevant examples from recent aerial photography.
So you will get a small taste of our exclusive pictures, but mostly you will find the only way we can depict your business or ton your beautiful land.





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